As a Tradehome manager, you will feel like you are running your own business. Managers are responsible for the entire store’s operation: selling, interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling, and other areas involved in running a business.

Managers are evaluated on the above areas and all promotions are based on performance, not seniority.

Tradehome will give guidance to the manager, but the majority of decisions come directly from the manager. A manager’s success or failure depends mostly on the following areas:


Tradehome’s Management Development Program is an intense, hands-on training program that teaches individuals management skills, sales skills, and operational skills. This period averages 12-24 months during which assistant managers work in-store to gain experience and training by some of our top managers. The training time depends on the progress and performance of the individual.

Tradehome does not promote based on seniority but based on job performance. Assistant managers are required to relocate at the end of their training program in order to become a manager of their own store.

Tradehome will continue growing as we add more and more stores each year. We maintain progress in our expansion into new states and add more locations in our current states. Tradehome will further seek out locations based upon profitability and personnel.

Tradehome’s profit-sharing plan began in 1955, and it has had company contributions every year since. Tradehome offers its employees a very strong retirement program managed by Mairs and Powers Investment Company. Many magazines, such as Barrons, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Consumer Reports have featured articles while awarded a 5-star rating. Tradehome Profit Sharing has grown to over $26,000,000 with all contributions coming from ownership.

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